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DennyIsk Art Website Ver 3

I just updated my website, DennyIsk Art . Please take a look, I spent quite some time on it. DennyIsk Art website ver 3 I wrote down the requirements for this update: must show personality NOT sterile use handwriting for select labels  To achieve this, I started with a rough sketch. Rough sketch of the concept I want to capture my childhood in the concept. This time around I attempted to do so by drawing things I remember liking: birthday cake, car, Nintendo controller, ballons, cassettes, playing cards, marbles, multi-color ballpoint pen, 6-sided die, Nintendo cartridge, paper plane... The last two items are video games: cherry and key. The tiled path under the logo was supposed to be snake and ladder path. I was happy with the sketch, so I set out implementing it. Work in progress I was surprised to find how effective straight lines are at making the page look boring. To improve the look a little, I thought I'd add a CSS pattern to the header. The pattern ended up competing with

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